A very successful Inn to Inn Trip!

I recently set off on another multi-day trip, but this one wasn’t like the last. It was our first Inn to Inn trip, which meant we kayaked by day, but slept in warm and luxurious beds at night!
Darren, Marrin and I set off and spent the day paddling, hiking and generally exploring the area (and also came up with lots of wild ideas as to what was behind a door carved into stone) and then headed over to Orcas Island for the night. From our boats it was a short walk up to the Deer Harbor Inn (their first guests to arrive by kayak!) where instead of camping and cooking dinner, we checked in and had wine, warm soup and bread, steak and lamb for dinner! A night’s sleep on what has got to be the world’s most comfortable beds followed.
The next day, after being fortified with a tasty breakfast, we set off and paddled leisurely across San Juan Channel towards Roche Harbor. That evening we sat outside, watched the Colors Ceremony as the sun set and enjoyed a few of the Madrona’s signature drinks before calling it a night. The next day we paddled out on the west side, and although we were hoping to see whales, we did get a great look at a bald eagle, harbor seals and a Steller sea lion!
This Inn to Inn trip consisted of a few days of kayaking some beautiful stretches of water, picnic lunches on quiet beaches, eating and drinking at fancy restaurants and a wonderful night’s sleep at the day’s end. A fine idea and a great trip.

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